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Dive deep in to the mystery and light of your being with Amba, a guide for inner change, transformation and love. Amba offers who she is with warmth, authenticity, compassion and gentleness, enriching the lives of all she meets. Her intention is to help you shine your light, to be in flow with your BEing and to discover your heart’s truth. She intuitively creates and holds the space for you to transform and to connect to your divine nature.

  Amba creates using a variety of techniques and has been studying and working , in holistic therapies, for the past 15 years.

Amba has a healing background: reiki, crystal therapy, reflexology, remedial massage, infant massage, rebirthing breathwork, sound alchemy; a love of all things mystical: the tarot, numerology, dreamwork, shamanism, astrology and symbology; and holistic: yoga, meditation, energy flow, essential oils, natural health and wellbeing. Amba has melded these modalities and interests into a service, a space, for alchemy to unfold. All work is done in the space of love and acceptance of the individual journey we have all created for ourselves.  As we become aware of the divine flow of nature and the universe, the more we are able to be in flow with ourselves, create and just BE…

“An Alchemist is one who turns everything into love” – Emmanuel

Soul Alchemy Readings, available now!

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Goddess Morning Retreat, 2023 dates coming soon 

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I recently attending a goddess retreat with Amba and had a brilliant morning. I absolutely loved our oil making session – so interesting! And her guided meditation was great- a lovely way to escape and bring some calm to my day. I’m already looking forward to my next retreat – and have a list of special oils I’d love to order from Amba too! (Katrina, Brisbane Australia)

                      The Modern Mystic Playshop, 6 weeks, next date TBC

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        The Tarot Journey Beginners 1 Day Workshop

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Sacred Cacao New Moon Ceremony
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The Triple Goddess 

The Divine Maiden (joy, innocence, waxing moon)
Mother (creativity, nurturing, full moon)
Crone/Matriarch (wisdom, teacher, waning moon)

Parvati (the Creator)
Durga (the Preserver)
Kali (the Destroyer)

Juventas (the Maiden)
Juno (the Mother)
Minerva (the Wise)

Artemis (the Maiden)
Selene (the Mother)
Hecate (the Crone)

Brigid – ancient Triple Goddess, her fire was regarded as the spark of life

The Power of 3

3 is the number of divine perfection: creation, life, death/rebirth

3 qualities of the universe: time, space, matter

3 forms of consciousness: sub conscious, conscious, super consciousness

3 represents the Empress in the tarot: nurture and growth, mother /earth energy, fertility and creativity

3 represents the creation of the world: Gaia (Gaea), Chaos and Eros

The Moon

The primary light of the night, a reflection of the sun’s light on the Earth, the moon is considered to encompass all aspects of the feminine… receptive, reflective, mysterious yin, in opposite to the vitality and active yang energy of the sun.

As its visible cycles of new, full and old mirror the life of a woman in the triad of maiden, mother and crone, the moon is considered representative of the feminine, the Triple Goddess. The moon holds within her the totality of the feminine experience and the ebb and flow of life and its continuing cycle.