Centre Your BEing Energy Balance

Centre Your BEing Energy Balance

Energy healing and chakra balance session complimented with reflexology and applying shamanic healing principles to bring balance, joy and connection back to your BEing.

70 mins – $120 – utilising intuitive tarot, crystals and high vibration essential oils  – the session begins with intention setting and 3 card guidance. The energy delivered by the crystals and oils works in harmony with the body to positively raise your energy vibration and promote self-healing.

Testimonial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Having my treatment with Amba was a great and truly discovering session about my inner self and my mission. Stones and minerals have the power to transform and Amba knows how to channel and transform it to help you. (Robert, Spain)


Crystals come from nature and are created from minerals deep within the earth; each with unique properties, dependent on mineral content, their inherent geometry and the colour frequency they emit.

Crystal therapy is the art of using crystals in coordination with the body’s energetic field and energy centres – the chakras, meridians and auric field – whereby the energy delivered by the crystals works in harmony with the energetic body to positively raise the individual’s energy vibration and promote self-healing.

Crystals assist us in raising our energy vibration as they are able to store, transform and transmit energy and each crystal has its own unique vibrational resonance. As human beings our energy tends to fluctuate with highs and lows, whereas crystals are constant and always in tune with perfect life force.

Crystals clear, straighten, harmonise and balance the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.

Essential Oils

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid that contains a plant’s chemical properties. Each type of essential oil has a different chemical composition that affects how it smells, how it is absorbed, and how it effects us.

The most common use of oils in Aromatherapy, through massage or inhalation, means the oil’s plant chemical compounds cross into the bloodstream allowing their varied physical, spiritual and mental health benefits to be accessed by an individual.

Only 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are used in each treatment. Nature’s most potent and pure, high vibration essential oils – Young Living and DoTerra.