Guided Meditations

New and Full Moon Guided Meditations: 15 minutes

 Make a loving commitment to yourself with a fortnightly new and full moon meditation – tune in, centre and celebrate you!

At every new moon we will set our intentions and plant seeds for growth for the coming month. At every full moon we will let go of what no longer serves us and connect to what we are grateful for in our lives at that moment.

Each meditation will occur out in Mother Nature and will also be tailored to which astrological sign is connecting to the lunar energy at that specific time.

“Your moon meditations are the only ones that actually make me feel something so empowering:) thank you for your energy” YouTube Subscriber

A personal invitation to join the meditations can be found on the Triple Goddess You Tube and if you ever miss a meditation you can can find all of them here, as well as at The Triple Goddess Facebook page.


The Tarot Journey – 1 Day Beginners Workshop – 13 June 2020

This 1 day course has been designed as a fun and informative introduction into TAROT. The Tarot is an ancient method of divination, connecting you to your intuitive self for guidance. The symbology of the cards communicates with our subconscious, allowing for our deeper inner senses to speak their truth.


  • the basics of each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot
  • using intuition/psychic centres
  • meditation/journeying with the Tarot
  • the elements, symbology and numerology connected with the Tarot, and ultimately…the confidence to read for yourself and others!

This workshop is for beginners, those with an interest in Tarot and who want to learn the meanings, read confidently, and to have fun 🙂


  • Tarot Workbook
  • Rider Waite Tarot Deck
  • Morning tea provided (Lunch – please bring own, or else cafes located close-by, KFC & Guzman & Gomez across the road)


Elemental Connection, Capalaba, 9.30am-3PM, Saturday 13  June 2020

Your investment: $150 (includes Traditional Rider Waite Tarot). **If you have the RW Deck, please let me know to coordinate a discounted fee.

The Tarot Journey – 1 Day Workshop

I have done various workshops (The Modern Mystic, Tarot Journey) as well as had a personal Intuitive Tarot Reading with Amba. I found Amba made the Workshops very interesting, fun and makes everyone feel very comfortable (all your questions are answered). Amba is also very generous with her time and her knowledge and I look forward to doing many more Workshops (Sue, Brisbane).

The Modern Mystic Playshop – Next 2020 date TBC

Bringing Magic to the Everyday… A six week journey into some of the magical ways Spirit communicates, guides & connects to us in the everyday. This Playshop creates the space for you to PLAY, be hands-on, create, enjoy and learn about yourself and what tools work best for you when connecting with Spirit. Learn new practices, discover symbols and signs all around you and take a deeper look at your inner and outer worlds, and your own unique expression with the Divine.

Week 1 Energy, Chakras, Psychic Centres

Week 2 Crystals, including Pendulum work 

Week 3 Numerology, Astrology & Symbology, including Dreams

Week 4 Tarot, Oracle Cards 

Week 5 Essential Oils, Crystal & Flower Essences

Week 6 Meditation, Breathwork, Sound & Sacred Space

Your six week Playshop includes take home notes and info sheets from each week. Also included is your own set of Chakra Crystals and the Essential Oil Roller-Blend (which you make in week 5).

Your Investment: $300

Early-bird: $270 (ends Monday 13 January, 5pm)

SECURE your spot today & put down a $50 deposit, option is below. Full payment is required by event start 03 February.

*if you would like to organise a payment plan please message Amba to coordinate.

The Modern Mystic Playshop
Name, Mb & Email contact pls

 Crystal Energy Healing – 1 Day Beginners Workshop – Saturday 26 September 2020

Since ancient times crystals have been used in many traditions and cultures, as adornments, charms and talismans and as tools in healing, ceremony and divination.

In this one day workshop learn how to work consciously and positively with crystals, to improve your health and energy levels and to enhance your personal environment. You will learn how to connect to their healing and transformational power and use them in your everyday life.

This crystal journey will empower you to start your own personal exploration into crystals and their many amazing properties.

What you will experience:

The power of crystals and how they work
How to raise your energy vibration and balance the energy pathways
The chakras and their importance in energy balancing
Programming and cleansing crystals
Establishing sacred space
Guided crystal meditation and chakra balance
Take home/ self practice tools


  • Chakra Crystals
  • Crystal Workbook
  • Morning tea provided (Lunch – please bring own, or else cafes located close-by, KFC & Guzman & Gomez across the road)


Elemental Connection, Capalaba, 9.30am-3PM, Saturday 26 September 2020 

Your investment: $150 (includes Crystal Chakra Kit)

The Crystal Healing Workshop – 1 Day

I’m so grateful to have met Amba and crystals on my journey. They brought about changes in me for the better, all of my perceptions about myself and what happens around me. I just fell in love with them. Crystals are such a special gift from mother earth! What they can do is totally beyond imagination.
My life changed after this workshop. Many things, good and not, were happening at the time and they helped me so much! They taught me how I can support myself and how not to lose my way. I learnt from them how to smooth my emotions, how to rebalance myself when confusion came into my life and how they can be used to help other people. Their healing power communicates with us all the time but sometimes we don’t know how to connect. That’s why I just fell in love with Amba too. Her beautiful soul and loving energy gave me the tools and showed me the way! Thank you gorgeous Amba. (Ilaria, Italy)

Sacred Cacao New Moon Ceremony

Experience the heart-opening energy of ceremonial cacao and in this 3 hour journey create, play and connect.

Open a magical door to love and connection!!




What you will experience:

journeying to your heart and connecting to the spirit of the Cacao Goddess
guided meditation and breathwork
setting new moon intentions

Next ceremony TO BE ADVISED (usually held the Friday or Saturday following the new moon)


Note:  Includes a standard ceremonial dose of Cacao – sourced from Guatemala & Bali. Raw Cacao has more than 300 nutritional compounds and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food in the world. It does have contraindications and there are some steps towards enjoying this cacao experience so please enquire before booking as to whether this ceremony is for you.

Enquire here if you would like to be informed of the next Ceremony.


Bubbles & Blends Playshop, Brisbane.  2020 date TBA.










Enjoy a Friday afternoon bubbles* & to make your own Goddess essential oil blend….

The perfect playshop of fun, self-care, creativity and connection. Learn a little about essential oils (and why they’re SO amazing and yummy) & start your weekend by giving back to YOU!

*alcoholic & non-alcoholic bubbles provided

Chakra Alchemy Meditation: 1 hour

This powerful guided meditation takes you on a journey through the energy centres of your body, the chakras. With chakra crystals placed on your body, alongside powerful visualisation and affirmations this meditation allows you to clear, energise and balance your energy centres, leaving you feeling connected, centred and recharged.

Contact me if you are interested to attend.

Available as an online download for purchase soon…



Heart Alchemy Meditation: 1 hour

Journey to the Garden of your Heart.  Here, in this guided meditation, you are able to release any heavy energy, worries, or negativity and allow Mother Earth and the powerful energy of crystals to connect you to your heart’s truth for energy balancing, release and transformation.

Contact me if you are interested to attend.

Available as an online download for purchase soon…

 Heart Alchemy Workshop

“The heart has its own language. The heart has a hundred thousand ways to speak” Rumi.

In this one day workshop experience a sacred, meditative and transformative journey back to your heart, its wisdom, truth and love.

Connect to your heart and inner guidance, release old patterns and beliefs, accelerate personal growth, discover your divine nature and enjoy this journey of self-love and celebration of BEing.




What you will experience:

Guided crystal heart meditation
Heart chakra breathwork session
Creative play, sharing and group activities to connect you to your heart’s truth.


[The HeartMath Institute fact – “the heart is more powerful than the brain. The Heart is 100,000 times stronger electrically and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain”]

Send me an email if you would like to be informed of the next workshop.


 The Triple Goddess Retreat: Connect, Love, Transform…

Connect to the cosmic goddess in a heart centred 3 day retreat for women, encompassing yoga, body, energy and breathwork, dance and play, soul guidance and group work to uncover limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back from your highest potential.

Empower yourself and connect to your divine nature – embrace, live and love all aspects of the divine feminine.


Send me an email if you would like to be informed of the next retreat.