Intuitive Tarot

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Let’s dive deep in to the magic, mystery and light of your BEing…using tarot and oracle cards as a medium to channel intuition and connect in to the energy around you.

The tarot is an ancient method of divination, connecting you to your intuitive self for guidance. The symbology of the cards communicates with our subconscious, allowing for our deeper inner senses to speak their truth. Here we tap in to the universal source of love, truth and light.


All readings are emailed to you within 48hrs of booking.

Power of 3 – $50

The Triple Goddess’s Power of 3 card readings are perfect in helping you to discover & uncover more about the energy at play in your life. We will look at the ‘essence’ of the situation, the conscious/subconscious energy, action to take and guidance on your path forward.

Intuitive Card Reading – $90

The Triple Goddess’s Intuitive Card Readings provide insight and guidance on specific questions and general energetic happenings and are a tool for inner reflection. This reading is a modified Celtic Cross, with an additional timing and advice card.

Soul Alchemy Reading – $120

Are you curious to explore your unique soul expression? What are the elements in this lifetime that have combined to make you YOU?

A typical Soul Alchemy Reading will take in to account your personal alchemy, including Numerology, Astrology and Tarot symbology, alongside a Power of 3 intuitive card reading and a crystal card for guidance, healing and information for your higher self at this time. 

It is a beautiful overview of you, like an energetic blueprint that looks at areas like your life path number, your personal year, the main astrological influences and tarot symbology unique to YOU, giving you a holistic and deeper understanding of self and the energy around you. Very magical & fun!! 💙

{A Soul Alchemy reading requires your Date of Birth, Place and Time (don’t worry if the time is not exact, I can pendulum for guidance) and is approximately 6 pages in length. This is a pdf document that is emailed to you}


Amba prepared a soul alchemy reading for me that resonated so truly and deeply and helped me make sense of many areas of my life. She displays a natural intuition and wisdom, genuine nature, quest for knowledge, and dedication to helping others understand themselves on a deep and holistic level. I highly recommend Amba’s Soul Alchemy readings, she is very talented. (Rachel Christie, Australia)

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