Individual Sessions

Let’s dive deep into the mystery and light of your BEing, honouring who you are right now, in this moment.
Let your heart guide you to your divine nature and the god/dess energy within….


 Testimonial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Amba’s gentle loving nature allows you to drop straight into trust and relaxation. Her eclectic mix of energy & body work is guaranteed to cradle & renew your body, mind & spirit. If I could see any therapist on a regular basis for preventative care & rejuvenation it would be Amba. I always leave on a cloud and fall into the deepest rest afterwards where I can feel my body releasing & restoring. A true & talented gem. (Maya Love, Australia)


Centre Your BEing Energy Balance

Energy healing and chakra balance session utilising crystals, high vibration essential oils, reiki, reflexology and applying shamanic healing principles to bring balance, joy and connection back to your BEing.

Inner Flow Breathwork

In sacred and loving space allow yourself to transform, to release old patterns, connect with your divine nature and to discover your unique inner BEing, your power. A healing session which uses conscious, connected breath to access, transform and release stuck emotional energy, blockages and traumas from the body. Works on the spiritual, physical and emotional level. Crystals and high vibration essential oils are used to compliment.

Distance Energy Healing

A relaxing yet powerful healing session done in the space of your own home (starts initially via phone or skype to connect and create sacred space). This treatment uses the power of life force energy and crystals to release blockages, balance the chakras and to positively assist in self healing and energy flow. Centre your BEing…


A gentle yet powerful healing session which uses life force energy directed to the body to release blockages, balance the chakras and to positively assist in self healing and energy flow.

Body Balance Massage

Combines remedial, relaxation and therapeutic bodywork techniques, using pure coconut oil and high vibration essential oils. This massage treatment follows your meridian pathways and uses  body talk principles for relaxation, release and balance – what is your body saying to you?

Sound Alchemy

Balance and harmonise your physical and emotional body, tune in to your inner knowing, and deepen your spiritual connection through a 1 hour sacred sound journey.

** A sound alchemy session is only available by pre-booking**


Bring your whole body back into balance with a reflexology session, where reflex points in the feet are accessed and manipulated to positively and subtly kick start all of your body systems back to harmony.

The Triple Goddess ‘Power of ThreePackage

3 breathwork sessions for $333 (Package is valid for 3 months from time of purchase).

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading
IN-PERSON @ Elemental Connection Full hr – $120 / Half hr $70                                                                                                                              ONLINE Power of 3 – $30 / Intuitive Reading – $70 / Soul Alchemy – $111                                                                                                                             
Let’s dive deep in to the magic, mystery and light of your BEing…using tarot and oracle cards as a medium to channel intuition and connect in to the energy around you.

The Triple Goddess’s Intuitive Card Readings provide insight and guidance on specific questions and general energetic happenings and are a tool for inner reflection.

A typical card reading will take in to account your personal alchemy, including looking at Numerology, Astrology & Tarot Symbology. Knowing the unique number vibrations, patterns and energy that are in your make-up, along with the main astrological influences, allows for greater understanding of your life’s journey.